More Than Just a Candle

It's been a long time in the making to get my illustrations onto candle jars, exactly how I wanted and it's been no mean feat getting them looking and smelling just right! I've made my own candles for many years and much prefer to know what is going into the candles I burn in my home. When researching and trailing candle scents and waxes, I was horrified by the number of hazardous chemicals that are used in even the high-end candle brands we're all familiar with. Like many candle lovers, I burn through at least one a week and I wanted to make my own that used all-natural ingredients and recyclable packaging.

After a lot of development (and candle burn tests) we're proud to be able to offer three beautifully-scented, 100% natural candles that each have its own theme and beautifully-illustrated packaging. Instead of 'fragrance' scent, which is in the main synthetic and full of unknown chemicals, we use only 100% natural, high-grade essential oils, carefully mixed to give a delicate scent throw and clean burn. 100% natural soy wax is used in all of our candles, derived from soy beans, giving a creamy white candle that is safe to breath.

Any product you effectively burn is wasteful and it was important that we produced a candle that could have a life, long after its 72 hour burn time. We're particularly in love with our Tiger Tiger candle, which has a lovely colonial vibe with a Tea Tree and Geranium scent – once used up, it's perfect for single stem flowers or a bunch of makeup brushes. 

June 24, 2019